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IQANdesign hangs when sending application via bluetooth if Component Navigator is open

Pierre Fagrell 1 month ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 weeks ago 3

If I have the component navigator open and try to send application via bluetooth a problem happens when IQAN wants to show "Project check"

Three dialog boxes are all open att the same time, but they are all behind the main window unable to be interacted with:

*Component Navigator

*Project warnings

*Open session

What I see on the screen is this window:

Image 3360

No matter how much I click or use alt tab, X in the corner etc I cannot close it.

If however I point to the icon in the task bar I am able to see the three dialog boxes stuck behind like this:

Image 3361

It is not possible to click these dialogs, as soon as I move the mouse pointer they are hidden behind the main window again.

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Thank you, I tried reproducing this, but so far without success. 

As a very general troubleshooting suggestion for Bluetooth, it is good to know the chipset and driver version on the PC. 

Right click the start menu button and select device manager. Under Bluetooth there should be an entry for the chipset (e.g. "Intel Wireless Bluetooth"). Double-click on the chipset entry and select driver tab to get driver version.


Here are pictures of all the device information:

Image 3363

Image 3364

Image 3365

Clarification: it works perfectly if component navigator is closed.

Thank you. The driver version 22.140 is newer than versions where we have seen driver related problems with the connection to G11. There are newer versions availabel from Intel,  https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/18649/intel-wireless-bluetooth-for-windows-10-and-windows-11.html , but I am not sure updating will help solve the issue you are seeing.