Using Measure more effectively

Andy 2 years ago in IQANdesign 0

When evaluating how software is working using Design and its Measure capability if you have a complex piece of QCode it would be nice if you could hover or click the mouse over a variable or a function in the Qcode and get some indication of what it currently evaluates to. To do that now I have to duplicate the channels and add a result:= whatever I'm looking for at the time in the code after removing the original Result:=, so I can understand what the value is, in the duplicate channel at that point in the code.

The way I think it works at the moment is that Qcode lines that are conditional only show values when the total condition is true, yet a multiple condition line might have 5 true things and one false thing and your not sure which of the 6 are false  and as such why the condition overall is false.... Similarly if the condition is a logical or and as such which exact condition has triggered the overall true state..

I think what is there now in design/measure is good, but it could be better...hopefully it isn't hard to improve on?