minimum and Recommended PC capabilities for Design

Andy 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

Hi Support staff

Most software apps that can stress a PC have a minimum and a recommended PC capability list. I went looking to understand what that is for Design but couldn't find one. Is there one published? For example if I have a requirement to remotely run design on an industrial fanless PC what are the requirements?

I ask in that unlike standard new PC's which contain only the latest or perhaps latest minus 1  generation CPU new industrial PCs that contain 5th Generation (and intel has released 13th recently I think) i7's are still available...as are the boilers that provide the steam....... My desktop which runs design fine is 7th gen, but has good SSD and no mechanical drives so slowness in cpu isn't generally noticeable.....

Anyway, I could simply go latest and greatest but it might not exactly be needed so keen to see if you publish a min/recommended list of capabilities. Technically I need an answer, if there is one, for design, simulate and analyse



There are no minim hardware capabilities defined for IQANdesign. 

The only requirement is on Windows version. Currently (IQANdesign 6), versions down to Windows 7 are supported. 

In the next major update, we will most likely have Windows 10 as minimum version.