General html links in IQANscript

EmilFernlund 4 months ago in IQANscript updated 4 months ago 2

Would be great to be able to include links in the script.

For example:

<a href="mailto:email@example.com">Send Email</a>


<a href="C:\IQAN\foldername">Open folder</a>

To help the user find clones or reports and send emails.

I think both examples are very relevant, both to have an easy way to start an email and also to have a quick link to open a script output folder.

If this is added, I think the option to make the link should be in the editor for operator instructions. I think the fact that script page operator instructions are based on html is more of an implementation solution than a feature in itself.

Definitely, I agree, make the implementation as simple as possible.