Manage project properties externally

Wilfred Sijtsma | Hytrans® 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Chris Litwin 1 year ago 5

Within our company we have a document management system. This system provides an automatic version management of drawings, Word and Excel documents, but also the IQAN project files. The document management system provides the correct file name, display version in the file, etc.

We run into the problem that we cannot arrange this in IQANdesign. My question: is there an API available to read and edit the project properties (of the IQAN file) so that they can be managed from our document management system.

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There is no interface for this today, but the question is interesting. 

I struggle to see how a function to set project file properties could wok. 

But would you be helped by a function to read project info properties? If you had that, could you then use such a feature to fill out some of the fields in the DMS when you check in the file? 

The problem we run into is that revision B is in a machine, but A is displayed in the project properties under Version. We then wrongly think that the wrong software version is in the machine.

One effect of that link would be that we can connect with a DLL file. Here we could request which projects are opened in IQANdesign based on the file name. For example, two files have been opened, we get those file names back from the API. In a subsequent request, we can provide the ID of that file name, so that we then receive the Project Properties from the API.

If the Project Properties are not correct, we could write the correct values in a third API request based on the ID (of the file name).

Hopefully it clarifies this case.

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Sorry to jump in here, but getting and setting properties using an API would be very useful. Along with creating and exporting project documentation using the API. 

The way MS office applications work is they allow us to add custom properties to the files and those can be read and set. Maybe something similar could be done?

I get what you mean. In the Office applications we work with an integration add-on. This is perhaps a step too far for IQAN (?), hence my different solution direction (in reaction to Gustav).

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Wilfred, I guess I was assuming all management software has built in support for office docs if they are used in a Windows environment. Our system has an office add in as well, but it is not necessary to take advantage of the custom properties.