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When I am using the parameters menu to adjust any of my integer parameters, there is a Reset... option in the kebab menu, what is the intent of that function?   It seems to recall the stored/retained value from the beginning of the current power cycle, not the parameter's default value.

Image 3502

There is some reference to mode 0 in the resulting dialog box:

Image 3503

Notice I have had to manually add default value text descriptors since there is no clear mechanism to reset to factory defaults.

This is IQANdesign 6...8136, MD4-7, the behavior of the simulator and the device are consistent.

On the channel types listed as "Adjustable channels", you have three values. 

-Application default

-Factory default

-Adjusted value

The purpose of the Factory default value is to be able to get back to a specific value that was set on the individual machine in production, without having to go all the way back to the application default. 

In the IQANrun adjust menu, you set the Factory default value with the button Set default

Some more info from the IQANdesign user manual: 

Image 3548

As I understand, application defaults from IQANdesign are copied to MD4 NVM as factory defaults on the first write cycle and then flagged read-only.  Thereafter, IQANrun is the only way to adjust those factory default values?

We do not use IQANrun currently.  I tested the reset and default behavior using IQANrun 6 connected to the simulator, however and did not find it any more useful to restore application defaults after an IQANdesign revision.

If a parameter is renamed/repurposed in IQANdesign or if the factory default values are revised, the NVM is not updated and "reset to factory defaults" is unpredictable.  After several program revisions, factory defaults burned into the MD4 can loose their context or be entirely out of range limits.  Using IQANrun to change those defaults is no simpler or more reliable than manual parameter manipulation via MD4 with step-by-step written instructions.

Is there no programmatic mechanism to utilize the application default values on existing systems with previously programmed MD4s?  In other development environments, it is possible to update "factory defaults", or force/push new default values during re-programming, and some are even capable of selectively pushing parameters out with a version control scheme.  

I believe I can accomplish this in IQANdesign with workarounds.  For a global reset, I can change the project UUID.  For selective default value updates,  I will need to replace an existing parameter channel with a new parameter channel.  That is also a cumbersome multi-step process:

  1. define new parameter with new factory default value
  2. replace existing channel w/ new parameter channel
  3. drag-and-drop new channel into adjust items/adjust groups
  4. re-establish min/max/step size for new adjust parameter

Are there any other ways to wipe an MD4 NVM clean of these "burned-in" defaults?  Can I send an empty project between updates?

I really suggest that you start using IQANrun for managing parameters. Even if you do not use IQANrun in the field, this is a tool you should at least have in development and production. 

But to answer the question, there is an easier way to wipe the factory defaults also from IQANdesign. You can do this by using the send options. 

Image 3581

I almost never use this myself, but it does give you the options clear these settings on the machine: 

Image 3582