Can RTC and TDA be enabled at the same time?

Jamy 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 4

I'm adding a Axiomatic RTC controller with J-1939 to a legacy machine. When I revise the IQAN 6 software, can both the RTC and TDA be enabled at the same time without errors? If RTC and TDA are enabled and the external TDA (External RTC controller) is not present, will the MD4 default back to the internal RTC?


When you recive the TDA the MD4 will set its RTC to what it gets.

So it will not keep the old setting anywhere to go back to.

With the RTC enable it will keep the time set when restarted even if you dont get a new TDA.

If you do not have the RTC enabled and restart the MD4 it will revert back to using numerical loging untill it gets a new TDA.

On my project, machines with data collection will utilize an external Axiomatic RTC controller module.  Machine without data collection will utilize the MD4 internal RTC. These machine use the same software.  Do you see any issues with having both RTC & TDA enabled at the same time within IQAN Design?  That way from a software standpoint, if the machine gets data collection, the external RTC module can just be wired in. If not, it would defer to the internal RTC.

I recommend keeping the MD4 property RTC enabled to Yes. 

That way the MD4 will have a date/time immediately when it is powered up. This is good as it can start writing events to the IQAN logs as soon as that is ready. 

When it later gets an update from the TDA command, the clock is updated. 

If you have disabled the RTC and have TDA enabled, it will wait for about 10 s or until TDA reception before writing to the log.