Getting user settings to a different master module

Aderas verdes 1 year ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1


Scenario: An urgent project can be made with MC42, but I only have MC43 in stock. I send it to a customer with MC43 module, so he can start working. When I receive a MC42 module, I adjust the software to a MC42, load it in the module, send it to customer and he plugs it in, and sends me back MC43 later.

Question: If the customer has adjusted currents how he prefers on MC42 and saved settings via Bluetoth connection and IQANgo will he be able to load those settings back in when I send him MC43 with same project insde? Or will he have to readjust everyhing again?


The settings are identified also by module/application. 

So even if you have the same project ID and component IDs, a settings file from a project where the channels were located in an MC43  application will not set the value if the channel has been moved to an MC42. 

For a one-off, tThe best approach is probably to get the settings and view these in IQANrun, and use this to manually set the values in the new machine.