Generic GPOUT and GFOUT Error

Deanne 1 year ago in IQANsimulate updated 1 year ago 4

I have a value of 0x1F4 (500 dec) being sent to a generic GPOUT.  I am getting an error and the value isn't being sent through to the parameter so I am wondering if I have set it up incorrectly.

Image 3545

Have you set the Lenght of the GPOUT correctly?

If you have it to 1 Byte (default) you will not be able to send 500 and get an error.

Image 3546

Yes, it is set to 1 byte as I need to send a message to this ID and it has a data length of 8 bytes. 

Image 3547

Do I have to set this up differently then?


Yes, for a 1 Byte parameter you can at most send 255.

So if you want to send a bigger value you need to have a longer parameter.

If you set it to 2 bytes you can send a value up to 65535.

If 500 is the biggest number you are sending and you want to save space in the message you could have it set to 9 bits and be ok.

Thank you, I will set it to 9 bits. Is it ok if the 1 bit is overlapped?