Active Display page reference

Chris Litwin 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Lars Bolduc 1 year ago 4

It would be nice if a display page could be used as a channel somehow. Say I want to disable something while on page 1, if I then reorder the pages it is no longer linked to the correct page. Also, a component navigator link from the SIC active display page to the pages would be helpful to trace functions that would be affected by changes to page order.

If you use the SIC channel you can set it to "Active display page".

The SIC channel will then show a numberical value corresponding to the current Display pages order number.

That can then be used in your application logic.


Yes, but there is no link between that channel and the actual page. The page is just assigned a number based on position in the project. If I change the page position the logic does not follow. What I'm asking for a way to reference a specific page based on the name of the page so the logic all follows when things are modified. Also, the navigator would show the link between the logic and the display page. 

Not sure how feasible the idea is, but I think I understand the use case. 

The channel logic would need a way to ask e.g. "Is Main page showing"

Changed topic title from "Display page variable" to "Active Display page reference". 

If I link a display page number all over the program, hinging off it = 11.

Then I delete page 8.

All of the logic is now wrong and has to be decremented manually from 11 to 10.

An easy thing to miss that can cause MASSIVE bugs.

The wrong things happening on the wrong menus.

For me the only use of the display page number is to use it in the logic.

So to me it should play nice with changes.

If I delete page 8, display page 11 should remain 11, so that my logic is still correct.

You can still manually change the display page number, so I'm not sure why it would be a problem.