IQANdevelop Conversion

Atilla Ege 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated 1 year ago 2

Are there any tools available to Parker or system integrators which can be used to convert old IQANdevelop (for MDM, TOC etc controllers) applications to modern IQANdesign applications?

Or is converting it manually the only way?


You are able to open up a Develop application with IQANdesign 2.x.

But it will not help that much. All you get in to the design application is the channels with their names.

No logic will be in the channels so you would need to check each channel in the develop application to see what needs to be done in design.

So either way it will involve a lot of manual work.

Well at least it also keeps the channel properties :)

Thank you Thomas.