project password lost.....but not everything was

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So I had a project I was working on that I added project passwords to and added them to the database on my main development PC that I was working on. At the time I also added them to a notepad text document and intended but foolishly didn't save immediately to the directory where I keep the files.

I then went on my rostered 4 day weekend and during the time away Microsoft applied monthly patches and rebooted the machine. Perhaps someone else used the PC while I was away but the text file was lost when I re-logged in after returning and I could not for my life remember what the password were.... The one thing I hate about being in IT so many passwords, they all have to be different and you have to set an example for others and not use stupidly easy to guess passwords. I use a password manager for my main IT role in the company and now will extend that to iqan activity's as well....

However No issues right I can open it on the main PC.......but I cant open the project to load it onto the target machine with my laptop because the passwords not saved into that laptop instance of the password DB..... (Shame that DB cant be synced into the parker cloud against the user GUID so that no matter what PC your using at teh time your DB follows...) 

Turns out that in this scenario you can select the highest level of application logic and then export components and all that those components refer to (so in effect the entire application logic hierarchy) into a file. When you then open that saved file all the application logic is there as is all the hardware. You just need to connect all the hardware back together in the system layout window and populate all the settings at the hardware layer with things like ID's and addresses and speeds etc and your back up and running without issues except that the project has changed its identifier, so if you have parameters in the target controllers that have migrated away from the default specified in the program over time you need to collect all those before you upload the new file and either set them as the new default value in the file, or go in after loading and change the parameters once the software has been loaded so that they reflect what the previous ones were.

I write this so if anyone else finds them self in the same seemingly ugly position they can do a quick search and find that the way forward is not as ugly as they might otherwise thought it would be.....


P.S yes I know i was an idiot...my 4 days off were calling louder than the self preservation skills were at the time

How were you able to open the original project up to export without the application password?

Because I had saved the password to the Designer instance where I was working, so its saved in an encrypted format in that PC's DB and can open the project without asking for passwords or any other interaction with you on that PC, but no where else

What was the reason for not just changing the password?

Because to change teh password you have to first enter in the old one...... chicken or egg thing!