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Unable to update machines remotely

Christopher Fridstaden 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by 705David 3 months ago 6


We have problems updating our machines remotely. We are not using IQANconnect.

We have three controllers in the machine: MD4-10, MC42 and MC43. After sending a new project to the machines and during the reboot this is displayed on the MD4:

Image 3609

And there it stops. After a while we power cycle the MD4 and it boots up normally. However, the MD4 has no contact with the other controllers and, if I am remembering correctly, we have a "System mismatch". Rolling back to the previous version restores everything. Trying to update the machine with the new project results in the same issue as mentioned before. And we are in a loop...

Connecting directly to the MD4 with an ethernet cable works flawlessly so I am suspecting a communication issue. Connecting directly to the MD4 means we have to travel across half the country for an hours work though...

Our communication solution has worked great in the past. I've talked to the IT department and they say that nothing has changed regarding our communication solution so I am reaching out to you:

What is going on behind the scenes at the moment the picture was taken?

Do you have any suggestions on how to solve the issue?

At the moment we hesitate to update our machines because of this. To be honest, just thinking about an update makes me sweat :)

I will be happy to provide you with any information you may need as this is very urgent.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Christopher Fridstaden

Has there been any update on this topic?

I am experiencing a similar issue with a system that is in the following configuration:

- Running on IQAN Firmware 6.08

- Master controllers are MD4-07, MC41FS

- System is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable from MD4-07

When Attempting to load the application from IQAN Run 7.01 over IQANConnect, it seems the MD4-07 Gets the new application and the MC41FS does not. The System reboots and cannot be used because it says there is a system mismatch. In this state it is also not possible to connect to the machine with IQANConnect. We had to have someone on site load the 6.08 software using the IQANGo App.

The only way we were able to recover was to unplug the MC41FS, load the MD4-07 back to the 6.08 Firmware, and plug the MC41FS back in, all with the IQANGo App.

Attempting to load 7.01 gets us right back into the same loop.

Is the MD4 configured with a static IP address, or is it set to Default where it gets its address from a DHCP server? 

If the MD4 IP address is static, it could be the same issue as in the original post. 

The MD4 is not configured for static IP. It is using DHCP

Ok, then it isn't the problem in the original post. 

After re-reading the error description, is the project file you are attempting to send version 7.01? 

Then it sounds like it is this one Issues with system reboot after remote update using 7.0.1 / Software / IQAN

For that problem, the IQANrun version used for sending should not make a difference for that problem, that issue is with the software being sent. 

That other post is simply an issue with rebooting it looks like.

The MC41FS in my system ends up flashing the error code R3:3 System mismatch in multi-master system. Update all master modules to same version of project-file.

When this occurs, it is not possible for me to connect to the system over IQANConnect (no IQANGo App as we don't have a G11/G12).

The Customer we have on site was able to reach the panel with IQANGo over the local WiFi and load the IQANDesign 6.08 file with the MC41FS disconnected. The MC41FS can then be reconnected and the system begins functioning again. This tells us that even though the program update looked successful from my side, it did not load the program on the MC41FS.