Repeat DM1 to another CAN network

Frank GUO 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by EmilFernlund 2 months ago 5


Is there any way to repeat DM1 message from one CAN to another CAN?



Under review

No, there is no way of repeating a multi-packeted message in a good way. We are considering adding something like this as a gateway function.


CAN routing now available in IQANdesign 5 on the MC4 modules.

Does the CAN routing forward DM1 messages? Because I don't get it to work.

I have a MC41 connected with CAN A - CAN A (The diagnostics bus) on a MC43.
The MC43 is connected to a MD4 via CAN B.

DM1 messages directly from the MC43 is displayed on the MD4 but I don't get any DM1 messages from the MC41.

In the CAN routing rules on the MC43, I have set from CAN A to CAN B and the "Default action" to "Allow" without any exceptions. 

The CAN frames for DM1 can be routed, but only if you do not use DM1 in channel in the application. 

We are looking at making this work in parallel. 


I had missed that the DM1 message uses not only PGN 65226 but also 60160 and 60416.

Also, the "DM1 in channel" was assigned to the master responsible for the routing, rather than the master initially sending the DM1 message.

With these two things fixed it works like a charm!