Software 6.08.28 Release note question

Andy 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 3


The release notes for 6.08.28 say:-

58019MD4: New firmware for CAN-C/D co-processor
Some MD4 modules with new hardware for CAN-C/D require a firmware update.
This version performs the necessary upgrade of ccCAN2 to version 2.04.

What would we see if we aren't yet using 6.08.28 and came across a newer MD4 Module is there something (behaviour/error)  that identifies that there is an issue requiring upgrade? I ask in that I'm still on the 6.08.24 release and want to understand the potential ramifications of staying there for the moment



Hi Andy,

If you came across this issue, CAN-C/D on the MD4 may not work. I think perhaps it was only a relatively small serial range that escaped from the factory with a bug in the firmware so your chances of encountering the problem are fairly slim.

Products affected:
IQAN-MD4-5-T1E2-M19 part no.: 20085164

IQAN-MD4-7 part no.: 20077771

IQAN-MD4-10 part no.: 20077774

Reason for change:

End of life on co-processor used for CAN C and D, new co-processor for CAN C and D require new firmware. This firmware is designed to be backwards compatible with earlier versions of IQAN-MD4 software, down to version 4.07.

It has been discovered that the first released version of this firmware contains a bug that can cause errors on CAN-C/D.
IQANdesign 6.08.27 include a new firmware for the co-processor that solves this issue. To upgrade, send an application created in IQANdesign 6.08.27 or newer to the IQAN-MD4.

modules requiring field update start at SN 2247040001

modules with no action required start at SN 2301040070

Does the application need to have the "first version" as 6.08.27 or later, or does it just need to have the most recent save be in 6.08.27 or later?


The file info "First version" never matters, it is the version the project file was last saved in that determine the software version that will be sent to the module.