Problem with entering negative number into a lookup table

Andy 1 year ago in IQANdesign 0

Hey Guys

In 6.08.24 there is an issue entering negative numbers into lookup tables.

like this

Image 3626

The table recognizes an edit is occurring when you select a cell in the table and press a number to enter the new number. If the number is a negative number you have to press, for example:-

[any number key][backspace][-][2][.][5][Enter]

The detect edit should have the negative key added to the number keys as valid keys to start an edit.

For my specific table I had it configured as a row only select table (ie one set of input data and one column of output data) with interpolation turned on.

I see this as a very minor annoyance......not even really a bug....but it would be good in time if it was fixed