Deactivate system dialog boxes while showing user created messages on MD4

jarkko kumpulainen 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Fabian Lagerstedt 9 months ago 5

Is it possible to deactivate all system dialog boxes but to show all CMSGs and other user created messages on MD4? Project is a Multi-master system.

If this is not possible could you consider to add this feature to coming release?

The property for controlling showing of dialog boxes does not distinguish between system messages and messages from CMSG/IMSG channels. 

Image 3643

What is the reason you would like to disable all system generated messages? 

Few reasons why there is a need to create all messages by using CMSGs instead of system generated messages

  • All alarms are send to upper state controller
  • All messages should start with unique alarm identification part
  • All messages should be possible to close by DI channel
  • Messages should rise only if some preconditions are met
  • Alarm classes (dialog box caption) should be possible change from system default to other one


Adding support to this request, we have our own fault management system which allows fault recall using a VDIN but, we cant recall system faults so the user has to key on/off to recall these messages. We also have some messages that overlap as we couldn't alter the system messages and needed to add additional information.

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I'm thinking that it would have been powerful being able to enable or disable system generated messages depending on specific I/O-cases for all inputs and outputs.

For example a non-critical I/O-function might be broken such as an indicator, buzzer or an ambient sensor. This will however affect the driver experience quite negative since you need to confirm the message at every single start-up even though the machine overall works as intended, and the driver maybe can not do much about it until a service technician visits the machine which can take weeks depending on severity and distance.

Other wiring complexity aspects such as voltage supply from a slow starting voltage converter, or a DOUT signal splitted with other physical buttons etc might trigger unwanted system generated messages that we have to deal with in various ways. DOUT is a bad example since you now can disable Open load detection, but the principle stays the same. 

On the production line however it is good to see everything directly at the display, so being able to control the visibility of system generated messages from a channel would help a lot.

There are some good tricks you can use already today, but it would be nice to avoid these hacks in order to avoid unnecessary system messages.

The option to turn off all messages for a specific display is not sufficient in my opinion since that removes CMSG and IMSG as well. This prevents the manufacturer from creating own "necessary" diagnostic messages to replace system generated messages with.