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IQAN RUN shows strange characters

jan 1 year ago in IQANrun updated 1 year ago 3


Since I updated IQAN Design to actual version I notice that when connecting IQAN Run (5 and 6, all actual version) the connection Pop-Up shows strange characters at Module Serial Number column, see attached file. 

There are no issues with connectin/uploading/downloading.

Any idea?Example 1.jpg

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After connecting with IQANrun, does the serial number show correctly when selecting the MD4 among the modules in the IQANrun System view? 

Does it show in the MD4 menu system? 

Hello Gustav,

Just checked your request, also strange characters at IQANrun System view (production date also) (att. Example 2), MD4 menu system also does not show right characters (att. Example 3)Example 2.jpg
Example 3.jpg

I did some tests with several display's, seems to appear after blue screen appears (att. Example 4) due (wrong) update issue's ?? Example 4.jpg

When this happens, no IQANrun connection available, only in Safe mode.

Display can be reset to original in Safe Mode, only the characters at serial number and production date stay strange.