Having issues to receive a transport protocol message

Codie 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

I can not receive messages from 1cEADC00 or 1cEBFF00. My engine is sending this out to identify my MC43 as a valid module to listen to. I must send back a message on EC00.  My MC43 is set with source address 220 or DC. When i set my recieve PGN to 0xEBFF Iqan will change it to as shown

Image 3648

If i set up an out going message to 60160 DA 255 it will send message as 1cEBFF as it should. But i can not receive message from that PGN and the error for invalid identifier never goes away. Why is that?

I have the same issue with 1cEADC00


The PGN 60160 is TP.DT, one of the PGNs used for J1939 multipacket. It is always used in combination with the TP.CM PGN for connection management. 

IQANdesign has built-in functionality for handling j1939 multi-packet messages. Instead of building it up with separate channels, just find the find the PGN of the message that you need to listen to or send, implement it as multipacket. 

The PGN 59904 is the Request PGN. 

0x1cEADC00 means the engine (SA 0x00) is sending RQST (0xEA00) to DA (0xDC).

In the data of the RQST message, you will find a PGN that is being requested. 

Find the PGN that is being requested, and enter that as PGN on an IQAN JFOUT channel.

Set the Send method to On request, this makes the IQAN module send this in response to the request PGN 59904. 

If the response you are sending is more than 8 bytes, set the JFOUT property Multipacket to Yes.