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I have a page, one of many on an MD4-10 display, that has a number of graphs on it. The display isn't a page that an Operator will usually use, but if they feels somethings is off, or there was a transient/behavioiur they didn't expect or fully catch enough of to report then they can switch to the graphing page and the graphs currently start rendering in real time.

In my scenario given that transients are generally non repeating (or at least the operator doesn't know enough to cause the repeat to occur), I don't want real time starting from when they went to the page, but rather if the graph timeline is say 5 minutes, then I want the graph at activation to show the last 5 minutes of the measure (and hopefully the event they just felt) and overwrite as usual as if the page had been open for longer than the timeline. Is there anyway I can configure the graphs so that they display history rather than just starting at time 0 on page activation?

In my case all the machine core data is going across a J1939 link to a duplicate display, but it generally only updates 5 times a second for most measures (more often for time critical things like Joystick movements etc) which may not catch a transient. But I could set up a J1939 Data Logger but it would seem a shame to me given that what is in the software almost does what I want anyway?

Any thoughts on how to either configure what I want or to set up a capture solution in design or other approaches people have used?

If this was possible is there some way to stop the graph advance of time with a button so a picture or screen capture can be taken showing the captured behaviour we want before its overwritten or falls off the end?



Whenever you switch pages it will reset the graphs on that page and start measuring from zero, no history will be displayed. If you have a button on your home screen that when pressed makes the graphs visible on that page (using the 'visible' property in the RH side of screen) the graphs are always being drawn in real time constantly but just hidden and therefore will show the history. This is provided of course your graphs are scaled correctly (5 minutes in your requirements).

As for resetting the graph when you get to 5 minutes you could put an internal timer to do this using logic, like a reset to start at zero again every 5 minutes, I don't think there is a configuration on the graph functions. Maybe someone else can advise if this is possible.

Below example of a internal timer counting seconds and displaying on a graph. I took this screen dump 1 second after holding the 'graph visible' button, proving the graph is being plot when its not visible (it had already plot around 25 seconds worth before I pressed the button to view it).

You could maybe write the data to a memory channel and cycle this every 10 minutes or so, then create some logic to look for spikes in the signal and store the data in a log?

Image 3653


Many thanks, that is very useful info to know and based on what you provided I can see how I can achieve what I need. I can even achieve the appearance of it being a separate page if I have a whole of screen black background that sits under the graphs, but above everything else on the page that shares the same visibility channel as the graphs. It'll be ugly as hell to maintain the  whole display page being as its effectively 2 on the one with the first effectively hidden in designer but it'll achieve what I need in this case.

I appreciate the time you spent testing this