MD3 problems (version 2.x application)

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Hi guys,

1. Customer has faulty MD3 (installed 2009)

2. I have clone file (irc) together with settings (irs) for this application I can open both in IQANRun 2.63

3. Got new MD3 (shows version pn 200777793 sn 312040107), Information on this forum that MD3-M15 indicates that 2.63 should be OK to load.

4. When trying to load into new (using IQANRun 2.63) MD3 got the message

Image 3683

Any suggestion to solve it and supply customer with fully functional MD3

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,
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How are you connecting, is it over USB or over CAN? You will see this and the status in the lower right corner of IQANrun 2.

Even though the MD3-M15 still had a USB port, my recommendation is to always use CAN when connecting, it is more reliable. See USB to CAN interfaces / Knowledge base / IQAN

Forgotten to mention using CAN for transfer

Hi Gustav,

I believe I have solved the problem.

1. Using IQANDesign 2.63 opened clone file. Saved as .ida

2.. Opened .ida with IQANDesign 4.07

3. Updated program (where needed), it was time consuming, updated settings to be the same as original settings and loaded in new MD3-M15. Disappointed that I could not load program with IQANDesign 2.63 as noted.



Ah, now I understand. That is due to a change in diagnostic protocol that was made between versions 2 and 3 in 2012. 

You could have used IQANrun 3, 4 or 5 to send the 2.x application to the module.