CAN comunication with Cooper Bussmann mVEC

Jon 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Zach Dockter 8 years ago 4

I am currently working on a project that I need to control a number of high draw items. Years ago a Parker Rep had pointed me in the direction of the Cooper Bussmann mVEC power distribution module due to the CAN control capability.

I am finally getting around to working with it and am using a MD4 master module. I have basic understanding of J1939/CAN but am somewhat new to programming it on the Iqan.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this and can help pointing me in the right direction, or maybe even has a base application they can share?

Hi, I have been using the mVEC for many years, it is quite easy to code from the IQAN environment. I strongly suggest that you read the J1939 standard as well as all CAN documentation you can find. It is a very good fit this the MD4. Regarding sharing source code, I do not think that anyone will share their work on that, but see it as a small and simple job to learn more about J1939 and CAN in general.



I've also been using the mVEC for a few years now and I have to agree with Frederick that it is quite easy using the IQAN environment. Most of the information you need should have been supplied in the mVEC technical document.

If you need source code, here is a simplified file, but remember, mVECs are customizeable and yours is probably not the same as the one we use.


Thanks Zach, I appreciate the source code as it should get me pointed in the right direction. I can't open it however as it has a password lock on it.