Delay at property

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When a Function Group is provided with appr.150 MEM channels and appr. 30 controlling SMC and appr. 200 IDC (see attached file) and a random propery needs to be changed, there is a great delay to enter the property or to navigate or to save the changes that have been made in the proporty. (very time comsuming)

Is this a normal phenomenon? Do I have to keep the Function Group with less contents to keep the (working)speed ok?

I'm using the latest IQANdesign version ( Delay.png

It is hard to tell just from the printscreen, but it does look like a large function group. 

In addition to number of channels in the actual function group, another aspect if number of channels that are in scope for the properties you change. 

When you've made a change, it could also be that other parts of the application need to be updated. I the example, it looks like the channel is public scope, depending on what the change is there could be a lot of other places that needs updating. 

Property Delay_scope.png

Each MEM Channel has simular scope

Only Property Name of MEM channel needs to be updated by some letters or only 1 digit