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I would like to get familiar with the ‘Simulink model' functionality while my colleague is working on the model. Unfortunately, there is no example in iQan Design which I can try. Is it possible to get a (simple) example of a Simulink model? Just to get familiar with it?



Attached is zip file with one example. 

The generated code you integrate in IQANdesign is the .ism file in the subfolder export code.

The example also includes the models that was used for generating the code, to show how to structure the models in Simulink. 

IQAN integration of Simulink model, example.zip

I read that in iQan7 there is:

59042 Support IQAN Toolbox for Simulink version 1.0, Change of supported toolbox version from 0.6 to 1.0.

Can you give me more information about this? I think for our 'Simulink' project I could have some advantages if I switch to iQan7 but I cannot foresee the impact of this update.


To switch your project to IQANdesign 7, you will just need to download the IQAN Toolbox for Simulink version 1.0 and use this to build a new version of the .ism file. 

If you need to build ism files both for IQANdesign 6 and for IQANdesign 7 project files, you will need to switch between toolbox versions. A quick way is to just re-install the toolbox version you need before exporting. 

See also IQAN toolbox for Simulink -supported versions / Knowledge base / IQAN