Generic Frame out / in with 32 byte data length

Andy Pauly 12 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 12 months ago 1

I have an application where the IQAN system need to communicate with a other CANBUS controller via CANopen. 11bit identifiers are used. Unfortunately the data length is often packed in a data block up to 32byte. IQAN is limited to 8xbytes. Is it possible to extend the length?? 

For classic CAN, the CAN data field is limited to 8 bytes. 

With J1939, you select multipacket on JFIN/JFOUT channels to manage messages that are spread out over multiple CAN frames. 

When you use Generic CAN to implement CANopen, you have one GFIN/GFOUT for each CAN frame. 

In CANopen, data that does not fit in a single CAN frame can be sent with SDO. This could be implemented in the application as a sequence of messages.