Why can J1939 Parameters only have lengths of 1 bit, 2 bits, 4 bits, a Byte or 2 or 4 bytes and not any specific bit length?

Andy 10 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 3

Can anyone advise why Canbus parameters in Designer can only be 1,2,4 bits or 1, 2 4 bytes in length? I ask in that I have a device that Im connecting to that has parameters of 14 bits, followed by 5 bits then 9 bits lengths  etc because that optimizes their use of the bus for the data types they need. I can of course achieve the same by defining an interim Byte 1 through 8 integer math channel and use heaps of shift left and shift right and band functions to build my own structure.  and then add into byte by byte parameters.

If the parameter channel allowed length of any bit value then we wouldn't have to jump through hoops to build our own structure just let designer do as it does already for the existing options?

Or is there some other SAE standards related reason why that can't be done, in which case the manufacturer of the device Im trying to connect to  must be out of standards?


Hi Andy,

You are free to have your own data length, just type the number in instead of selecting:

Image 3759

Image 3758

Thanks Tim.......Im not sure how I missed that, its been bugging me for ages.... Now I can go back and strip out all the excess bits in my Iqan to Iqan canbus trandfers..... I guess im just lucky that everything up until this last device has basically been bit or byte length parameters, or being iqan to iqan I can make it work with extra padding....