IQANanalyze Not Populating all ID's

ksilovich 1 year ago in IQANanalyze updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago 5

In the master list of CAN ID's there are alot of them missing, but if you go to filter a message you will find it. And if you select only that message it will appear then. 

Ex 1218 does not exist when you show all ID's, but if I filter 1218 only then I can get the data.

When you are trying to reverse engineer a CAN bus and need to quickly know all ID's that are being broadcasted on the bus, this is a Major issue.  Spent hours wondering why my CAN router was not working, Its because I am missing ID's that I did not know existed. 

Sent the file to Gustav

Showing All Data, 1218 does not exist

Image 3765

Filtered 1218 Only, and the data is magically there. 

Image 3766

Thanks for sending the file across. 

The reason the ID you were looking for wasn't showing in the statistics list is the high number of different IDs that were recorded. The statistics list keeps count of the first 100 IDs that were recorded. 

Why limit it to just 100?   Because when I am trying to reverse signals, I need to see all the messages so I can help find the patterns to see where that message data is on the Bus.    

Sounds like I need to find a different CAN sniffing software... 

Besides IQANanalyze, I use Busmaster a lot. It works with most of the same CAN adapters, and is also free.