Converting CAN Joystick signal

Deanne 10 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Tim Reen 10 months ago 3

I am configuring two 2-axis joysticks. I am able to read the raw CAN signal of the joystick's position. I am wondering if I need to convert this signal further to then control a cylinder (current out). This is what I have so far, but not entirely sure as I am trying to program non-IQAN joysticks. 

Image 3790


Hi Deanne,

I'm pretty sure that the J1939 parameter is not going to swing from -100 to +100 so you may need to do a little more in the DMAC. The position will probably be given as 0-1000 bits or something like that.

Image 3794

Thanks, Tim. That makes a lot more sense - I will give it a try. Are you sending that signal straight to an output?

Hi Deanne,

I this case the Dual direction math channel (DMAC) feeds a Slope/Filter channel (SFC) and the filter then feeds the Current Output channel (COUT). The SFC is only used if you need it but can be very useful to improve control.