Simulink with lots of inputs and outputs

Marcel 11 months ago in IQAN toolbox for Simulink updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 1

We are working with a Simulink model with a lot of in and outputs (20+ at the moment). Every time I get a new model (we are testing the machine) I need to relink al the in- and outputs by hand. I foresee I have to do this a lot in the near future. Is there an easy way so I don't have to relink al the in- and outputs by hand every time the simulink model is updated? Or combine all or some of the inputs to one for example. Now we use digitals, integers and reals.

Thank you!

How are you replacing the model? 

If it is just a new version of the same .ism, IQANdesign will ask if you want to update the model. This will update the connections to the references to the model that is instantiated in the project file. 

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