MD4 the startup page password

Adem Dilbaz 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 6


 It would be great adding the pin code on MD4 the startup page. 
We hope that every user have user name and password to run the all system. 
Is it possible for MD4 master display?Image 323
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Hello Adem.

I made a example of how you could make a PIN code screen on the MD4.

The design is very simplistic but could be easily changed in IQANdesign.

The way i did this example is so that when the MD4 starts it will go to this screen first.

The only way to get past this screen is to enter the correct PIN code

I added some options also, you can set it so if you enter the wrong pin code 4 times it will be locked and you need to use IQANrun to unlock it.

Also you can chose if you want the PIN code to be visible after you enter it or only show a *.

Pin code.ids4

Is this what you were looking for?

Actually No.We want to login interface to record user action.For example yesterday at 03:00 PM who use the forklıft? And 2nd aim is we dont want to use contact key. As soon as sit down driver MD4 will ask USER ID and PASWORD.Thank you..

Thomas thanks for everyting. It would be great to see finally who has used the vehicle from diagnostics/logs.

How can i succeed it?

I made a practice like that each user has their own password.

Using the state parameter for selecting the valid PIN code is a good idea.

One limitation is that the state names on the State Parameter are fixed in IQANdesign.

A workaround for that is to add a Text Parameter with a mode selector. The State parameter would need to be with generic names, like "driver 1", then the Text Parameter can be used to look at this name and show the actual driver name.

Finally we made it :) It was a great job. Gustov and Thomas thanks.