ircx and irsx files

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So I have two file with little information about them. I know I can copy a clone of a program from a machine with Parker ECU's. So now I have a copy, does it come with the parameters? or not?  When I go to open it in design it asks "Do you want to import the setting in the clone file to the application default? What exactly does that mean?  also I can download  irsx files, I believe these are the parameter files. I know I can overwrite the parameters with IQANRun. I need a detailed explanation of these files as I know they are extremely important and should always be downloaded as back up else you loose your parameter. Thank you


Hi Chuck,

Yes, when you take a clone you will have the settings (lets call them settings instead of parameters in this context). If you choose to import the settings in IQANdesign as application default settings - this means you want to overwrite the original factory default settings that were put in the application by the designer, to match the settings in the machine that the clone was taken from. The default settings are the values that will be used if you send a project (.idax) from IQANdesign or IQANrun for example, and these can be overwritten with a settings file (.irsx) if required.

The IQANrun user manual is a good reference for what you need to know on this, so the below is basically taken directly from that user manual.

The file types are:

Image 3807

If you "Get Settings" with IQANrun, you will get all settings from the connected IQAN system and save
them in a settings file (.irsx). The settings file can later be used to send these settings to another IQAN system. The settings file contains adjustable, factory default and stored values.

If you "Get Clone" with IQANrun, you will get all clone data from the connected IQAN system and save it in a clone file (.ircx). The clone file can later be sent to another IQAN system or viewed in IQANrun. Clone files are used to make a complete copy of the master modules in an IQAN system. They include applications, firmware, settings, machine id and
logs. There are mainly two scenarios where clone files are good to use. The first one is when you for some reason need to replace a master module out in the field. To guarantee that you get exactly the same function with the new
master module, you can copy all the information from the old system to the new one. The second scenario is when you have a problem with a machine that you need assistance to solve. You can make a clone file of your machine and send that file to your support contact. Now they have an exact copy of your machine and can help you with your problem.

Thank you for that information. I can say it isn't easy to keep a good copy of working variables with the code unless you clone a file. This is the only way to guarantee the parameters are correct, especially if you allow user to field adjust in IQANRun.

I would love to be able to select the variables i want to transfer. Like Select All, then deselect loadcell linearization parameters, as an example. I see that I can view the parameters in the tree view but cannot do a thing And the tree really is confusing

anyone reading this thread. it is also very important to always keep the latest settings file/ variable file *.irsx  , when making a lot of machines parameters are adjusted. Each machine will have different parameters for reasons like calibration of motors or loadcells ... all different. if you retrieve the parameter file, you will be able to repopulate the variables if your software gets corrupted for some reason.