IoT Module no contact

Deanne 10 months ago in IQANconnect updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 3 1 duplicate

Trying to hook up an IoT module to our project and we are getting no contact. We checked the wiring and it was okay - we are wondering if the way we have our CAN bus set-up has something to do with it. We have an IQANconnect license, but I am  not seeing the IQANconnect key field under the project's Security tab.

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The IQANconnect key is not a fixed property in the project file. 

To see the IQANconnect key from IQANdesign, you need to measure on it. You can do this by adding a System information channel.

I was able to grab the IQANconnect key for the PVSG, but I still have no contact through IQANrun

Does the MD4 indicate No contact with the GT? 

Then maybe you have the wrong CAN bus wired to the PVSG. The PVSG has two CAN buses.