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Lessard Sylvain 11 months ago in IQANrun updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 11 months ago 1

We are to develop a training dedicated to technicians using Iqan Run in service.

May we get a legend, or a chart describing each icons and symbols seen in Iqan Run?
(See Picture attached)

We are not referring to programmed HMI, only when using the application logic viewer.

In Iqan Run pdf manual, there was minimal information, whereas Iqan Simulate and Iqan Design documentation, these icons and symbols are only detailed as the software is presented, or some are not shown at all.

Usually, a legend or a chart is produced when symbols are to be used. 

Thank you very much!

Parker IqanRun Icons.PNG

Hello Lessard.

What you are looking at there in the image is the application logic.

That is not strictly speeking something an IQANrun user would need to know about, it is what is used to create the logic of the application in IQANdesign.

Dont get me wrong here, it is very good if an IQANrun user knows a bit about the application logic and how it works to be able to trubble shoot with the help of the application veiw.

But it is not needed for normal use in IQANrun.

Most times the ability to get and look at the application in IQANrun is also password protected.

If you do need to know what the different icons mean you can see that in IQANdesign when you add channels.

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