Automation/API Functionality

Chris Litwin 10 months ago in IQANdesign updated 10 months ago 2

With the introduction of the variants/options in 7.0 are there any plans to add some sort of API or automation related to managing the export variants command? 

For example, I create a master.idvx with multiple variants. I revise the master.idvx and need to generate all new exported project files. Ideally, I would accomplish this using an API call, but having some sort of "Publish" function would be a step in the right direction. Automation of the creation of project documentation would be nice as well. 

For 7.01, we plan on making an "export all" menu action as a manual operation from within IQANdesign. 

What you could do today with 7.00 is to export using command line arguments. The CLA -variant identifies a variant by its name in the main project. This isn't in the manual yet but it works.

IQANdesign.exe <VariantProject.idvx> -variant <MyVariant> -saveas <ExportedProject.idsx>


The export all will be nice. Will there be any way to extract the information about how many variants are contained and their names?