Axis camera setup with IQANdesign 4?

Paul Summers 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 4

We wanted to leverage some of the new features of IQANdesign 4 but have found that the backup camera no longer displays properly once updated from IQANdesign 3 (system utilizes an AXIS F1005-E camera and AXIS F41 main unit).

In IQANdesign 3, the camera displayed correctly utilizing the following video stream URL; http://root:root@

In IQANdesign 4 the camera has to be added as a generic module and no longer displays correctly.The following is the information entered into the generic modules property inspector;

IP Address:

Username: root

Password: root

Path: http://mjpg/video.mjpg?resolution=%1x%2

Any help would be much appreciated!


Thank you, enabling anonymous viewer login on the Axis main unit did rectify the problem.

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In version 4, the path should neither include the http or the rtsp at the beginging.

It is the rtsp path that needs to be used.

The example for Axis is that is given in IQANdesign is:


There does not seem to be a similar path cited in the documentation for the F41 main unit... I tried utilizing the example with no avail.

Any ideas on where I could find the appropriate path because I know that it is not a hardware conflict as it worked perfectly with the IQANdesign 3 application? Thank you for any advice!

We have seen that password protected streams does not work as it should in IQANdesign 4.01. You can disable the password requirement in the administration interface of the camera. Log in to the camera using a web browser and select "System options > Security > Users". Check the options "Enable anonymous viewer login".

With the login disabled the camera should work using the URL Gustav provided.

Password support for RTSP streams will be added in IQANdesign 4.02.

HTTP streams are not supported in 4.x due to lack of standardization of the protocol. Instead RTSP is recommended when using 3rd party cameras since it is a standard that is more well defined.