XA2 undocumented blink code

David Lenz 10 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 2

We have an XA2 unit that shows a flash code of one red & one yellow, I never seen this code before and its not listed in the XA2 manual. Any idea what this 1:1 code means for the XA2?

We instructed the end user to replace the XA2 with a new unit and there is no flash code, but the unit is too hot too touch after 3-4 mins. Any idea what could cause this?

So maybe the overheating wasn't really an issue. It looks like the mechanic left the XA2 out in North Carolina sun at 3 pm with 97°F and 80% humidity. He built a little awning out of cardboard for it and reported it was no longer an issue.

However, we are still curious about the 1:1 blink code.

On other modules like MC2, MC3, MC4x and XC4x, the blink code with one red one yellow means output error. 

But on the XA2, output status is only sent to the master module, there is no local blink code for this. 

How sure are you that this was the actual blink code shown on the XA2?