G12 Android Connection Issues

Jason H 2 months ago in IQANgo updated by ZachR 2 months ago 2

We have recently started using G12 modules in place of G11 modules, and are getting Bluetooth connection issues with some Android devices.  On the same G12, iOS devices and Windows laptops will connect over Bluetooth with no issue, but when attempting with Android it never connects.  Swapping out the G12 for a G11 solves the issue on the same system.  Are there any known issues with Androids and G12 currently on the Parker side?

What Android version do you have on the devices that you are having problems with? 

If you have a device with Android 8 (or older), IQANgo there will be problems with the Bluetooth connection to G12. 

With IQANgo 6.08 minimum Android version had to be increased to 9 to support the G12.

We are having similar issues, tested on Android 13 using IQANgo 7.00.38. This was attempting to connect to a IQAN 5.08 system.

There are some other connection issues I've experienced prototyping different system setups, but I'll post a new issue when I come across them again and can duplicate them.