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Fixed size text parameter in JFOUT

Pierre Fagrell 9 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 months ago 4

I have a J1939 device that requires a 5 byte fixed length text parameter in the beginning of a frame.

After that parameter there are several 1 bit parameters for controlling lights and relays.

I have tried to set a static length of the TPOUT and Delimiter="Not used" but I still get the error "Text parameters not last in frame"

Image 3894

Image 3895

How can this be solved?

The current versions does not support values after text on outgoing messages. 

I could change the topic from question to a feature suggestion if you like? 

Yes please make it a feature suggestion.

What is the easiest way today to go from a Text Formattng Channel to a JFOUT, JPOUT or array of INTs? (in such a way that I can add other data after)


Changed topic from question to feature request.