Measurement deleted when IQANgo disconnects from IQANrun 7

Pierre Fagrell 8 months ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 months ago 3

I have a customer connected with IQANgo to a machine with G11. I connect remotely from IQANrun through the servers and start measurement in a measure group.

This measurement could go on for several minutes in order to capture an intermittent problem.

If the machine shuts off or the phone gets disconnected from the Internet I get the following message:

"Connection Lost"

Image 3896

I try to click the menu button for saving but nothing happens.

As soon as I click OK in the dialog box all measurement data is deleted and IQANrun goes back to the start screen.

Image 3897


The Save measure dialog has a "never ask again" option, could that be the problem? 

Image 3898

Check under Options, if you have ticked any "never ask again" boxes, these will show under "disabled dialog boxes" with an option to show again. 

Image 3900


Thank you Gustav! That does the trick.

Obviously not a bug just me not realizing the connection with that option.