Not reproducible

V7.00 Crashes when opening MD4-10 display screens originally made in V6.08

Hank 9 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Marcel 9 months ago 5

V7.00 Crashes when opening MD4-10 display screen originally made in V6.08 but converted to V7.00

I have 40 screens.

I ran a quick test with one display screen made in V6.08 converted to V7.00 and this worked perfectly.

Did you get an IQANdesign crash report? 

No sorry, I didn't get a crash report.

Not reproducible

The reason why there wasn't a crash report may be some remaining issue related to the switch to 64.bit. 

Without a crash report or a way of reproducing, this one will be hard to do something about. 

But let us know if you have the issue again. 

I think I had a similar problem with another version upgrade. It had to do with the layers in the screen if I remember correctly. I had some controls which I didn't place in a layer. This was a problem at the time. After changing this, the problem was gone. Don't know if this helps, but I thought I share.