Cant extract clone from iqan run 2, with windows 10

Daniel Nilsson 7 months ago in IQANrun updated 6 months ago 2

Hi, i cant extract clone from mdl-1 or mdl-2 unit with iqan run 2 under windows 10. I know that other persons on my company has the exact same issue. But if i use same iqan run 2 software with windows 7 it worx. Any ideas on how to solve this? by the way i can extract settings but not clone. In the middle of the extraction process (in win 10) i get connection lost.


On the MDL and MDL2 there is a USB connection, if you are using USB then that is the most likely source of problems on newer PCs. 

The most robust solution is to use a CAN adapter instead of USB. This works really well but then you will need to have a connector on one of the CAN buses prepared for this. See also USB to CAN interfaces / Knowledge base / IQAN

Ok, I will check this. And thanx a lot for the fast answer. Take care