CAN routing with modifications

Carl Worthington 6 months ago in IQANdesign updated 6 months ago 2

Hi all,

Is there a simple way to do CAN routing from one channel to another using the CAN routing option where we block one incoming PGN on the. IN BUS, then with a JIFIN etc, read the same PGN coming in, and modify 1 BYTE and send it to the OUT BUS with a JIFOUT. Rather than adding every PGN to and passing them through etc?


Yes, this is possible:

To pass through all messages except one, you can set up a J1939 routing rule with Allow as default action.

Image 3916

On the routing rule set to Allow, you can then add an exception for the PGN that you want to block from routing. 

The application CAN read every incoming J1939 message independently of the routing rules. So you can set up JFIN-JPIN to read it to the application, and send out your modified message with JFOUT-JPOUT


Hi Gustav,

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I wasnt sure if blocking the message with a rule would stop JFIN and JFOUT from working etc.