log csv export timestamp

Ville Laine 8 months ago in IQANscript updated 8 months ago 2

I seen different kinds of timestamps in CSV log files retrieved from the MD4-7

We use the retrieved csv log file as an input data to our reporting application and have had problems when try to import the csv file because the timestamp is in another format

1. Have the timestamp changed between the program versions

2. What is affecting the timestamp(language?) and can it be forced to certain type?


I checked and I can't see that it has changed between IQANrun versions (or versions of get log in IQANscript)

What I see is that IQANrun uses the regional format set in Windows when saving a log as CSV. 

Hi yeah I was pretty sure it was something like this.
Would be much better for me at least if the format would always stay the same regardless user windows settings.

We have  machines all over globe it this causes us unnecessary work to code multiple different read options to our reporting software. Maybe this is something you might consider in the future.