Using Windows/Android Tablet for HMI Display

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Good Afternoon,

Our company is building multiple custom orderpickers for a warehouse and we are considering using IQAN control system.

Does anyone out there know if there would be any possible way to use an IQAN MC43FS module for the I/O and then use an Android or Windows tablet for the main HMI?

We would like to do this so that we can use that same tablet for other apps relating to inventory control, etc.

Thank you for your input.

Could someone please move this topic to ideas? Or should I open a new one?

This would be a very helpful function for us.


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Thanks Gustav!

Would you have any thoughts on doing something like this?

Is there a chance you will implement this sometime?

If not, let me know as our team may try to build our own Windows app and communicate with an MC4 etc. over CAN. (Which is probably what you would do anyway if you would do it.)


We looked into doing something similar, we were prototyping with was a samsung tablet that connected to a raspberry pi (could be a more industrial microcomputer) through wifi. The raspberry pi had custom software that would pass signals between the tablet wifi and a CANbus adapter to the MC43. We had it working, though in the end we ended up just using a MD4 for reliability reasons and ease of programming. But the right developer can probably make it work.

What CANbus adapter did you use?

What is the chance we would be able to simulate an IQAN master module via some virtual machine, etc?

Like, we would install the .dbo or vmAC file onto Vmware or some other vm.


We used a peak adapter to interface with the CANbus. I don't think running a vm to simulate a master would be possible and or useful. Our front end was a flutter app, not sure on the details of the pi, but I generated a dbc file that the programmer could use to interface with the parker canbus.

What is the chance I could see several of your code snippets that you would have used for data transfer?

Like, a snippet on how you ran the throttle function, etc.

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Kvaser makes good CAN modules including Air Bridge. 

Anyone have any coding examples of this?