Multi master programming issue:

Hard Amin 8 months ago in IQANdesign updated 8 months ago 3

Hello, I have 3 master connected on single CANbus MD4-7, MC41FS, MC43FS with two different programs. I downloaded program to MC41FS on bench and then I connected it to the network with rest of the 2 masters. Now when I am try to load another program to MC43FS then I find that MC41FS also goes into programming mode, which creates trouble as we loose some functionality as it looses its IO ports. Is this the intended behavior? Please suggest 

All I am asking is, if there is a way to disable single master from going into programming mode while programming rest of the master connected to multi-master system on same network? Any help is appreciated. 



This is the intended behavior, all IQAN masters stop during SW update. 

If the shared bus is Diagnostics, or a bus that can accept diagnostic connections (J1939, expansion or not used in the system layout), all masters on that bus will respond to a command IQANrun sends to stop the applications. 

The new 7.00 security property "allow stop" could be used to prevent masters from being stopped. But this also interrupts the attempt to update the single master you are trying to update. 

The only way to prevent the other single master applications from being stopped, while still maintaining the ability to update the master you are connected to, that is if the other single masters are configured for generic CAN on the bus you are using for SW update of the first master. 

I appreciate your response to this matter. Thank you Gustav