IQANrun7.00 - Logging ID not auto filled when starting to type the username

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Just start to use the new version of IQAN 7.00.

In IQANrun7, when you want to loggin, if you start to type an ID saved, it didn't appear like in the older versions of IQANrun.

For exemple, if I type juste the letter E 

in IQANrun7 nothing appear :

Image 3939

in IQANrun6, the ID is automatically filed :

Image 3940

A new good thing is, it keep the last ID used filed.

But when you are changing between several ID to check if everything OK during developpement, it will be a lack.

If you can put back this function, it would be very nice !

If user logins you entered before does not show, then it could be that the password was not saved. 

Check what you have configured on Options, Ask to save passwords

Image 3941

Yes sure, my passwords are always saved

I can see them when clicking on the little arrow, but they are not automaticcaly filled when startting to type the first lettre.

It works on older IQANrun, version 6, 5 ... as shown on previous message.

Image 3942

Image 3943


Fixed in 7.01

59638No autocomplete for username in login dialog