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Difficulty sending programs to new MD4s running 6.08.28

Matt 7 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 4

I'm frequently seeing issues sending programs to brand new MD4s which are running firmware 6.08.28. The main issue I'm seeing is messages saying no reply from master module. Yesterday I had one brand new module where I tried sending a blank project from iQAN design 6.08.30 several times before it went in.

We only ever send projects to the modules over a direct ethernet connection. This is occurring with different cables and even when sending projects using iQAN run. Is this a known issue?

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I got confused by the statement "brand new MD4s which are running firmware 6.08.28"

From Parker, we currently ship MD4 modules with 6.04. 

Are you seeing this problem with an Ethernet connection directly from a laptop? 

Or is it with the MD4 connected to a network?

Hi Gustav. I seemed to have confused myself. The brand new modules I'm seeing this on are running 6.04.4, although I have seen this with modules running as new as 6.08.28 (reprogramming because of software changes, testing, etc.)

I am using an ethernet cable connected directly from a laptop. We don't connect the MD4s to a LAN anywhere in our workflow.

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Yup 6.04.4 is for the brand new MD4s. On this specific occourance the error occured twice I was trying to put an iQAN 5.07.1 program in. I ended up putting a blank iQAN 4 file in the controller and then sent the 5.07.1 program to get it to work.

Not reproducible

Not sure what the problem might have been, but probably wasn't software. Maybe a loose cable connection.