Issue with JFOUT sending to a DA

Kerry Brock 6 months ago in IQANdesign 0

I am having an issue in IQANdesign 7.00 when I set the destination address in a JFOUT channel to either "Assigned Module" or the actual SA number.  I get a "No Contact" message.  When I use IQANanalyze I can see the CAN frames from both the IQAN master (MC43) and the third party device.  If I set the destination address to a value not used by any other module on the bus, I no longer get the "No Contact" error and I can read the CAN messages sent from the third party module.  The CAN structure of the message is a little odd to me, as messages from both the IQAN master and the third party module use the same PGN number, 61184 to send information between the two modules.  This structure is part of the CAN protocol used by the third party device.  I cannot figure out a way to send a CAN frame (JFOUT) to a specific SA without getting the "No Contact" error.  I even tried changing the "J1939 source address" line in the JFOUT to 39 instead of "Default" and it did not seem to affect the "No Contact" error.