IQAN D6 Corporate licence expires soon

Angela Conte 7 months ago in IQANdesign updated 7 months ago 2

Hello, our corporate D6 licence expires 11/06/2023. if we do not renew, what is the impact to our users?   We do not want to go to version D7 just yet.   We want to make sure that we can still use the current version. Please advise.

The renewal terms are the same as for single user IQANdesign licenses. After the IQANdesign license is expired, you cannot install versions of IQANdesign released after the expiry date. You can still install and use older versions.

See description on IQAN store: Store (iqan.se)

As you probably want to renew at a later stage, also have a look at IQANdesign license renewal and note that the new license bought as renewal will have its expiry date set one year from the expiry date of the expired license. 

hello, thank you for your reply. Will our expired corporate licence continue to work for our folks after the expiry date? Please confirm.