create a clone file with run 6 from an Iqan 3 application, reopen clonefile not possible anymore

Laura 7 months ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 months ago 1


We create a clone file with run 6 from an Iqan 2 application with MDL2, reopen the clonefile not possible anymore, because the MDL is in design not supported anymore.

Image 3996

How can we open the clonefile in this case?

And when it is not possible, why is it possible to create a clonefile with Run 6 of an application version 2.63

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You should still be able to use the clone to send to another module. 

As you noticed, a clone of an MDL2 taken with IQANrun 6 cannot be opened in any version of IQANdesign. 

For checking the logic in IQANdesign, it is best to find the original .ida3 application and open that to view the logic. The file info in the clone could help you find which applications it is.